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CFCD Partners

The Rationale for CFCD Partners

The communities of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and RD-Congo as well as the major church denominations within those countries CFCD is requested them to work together to help to deal with the humanitarian crisis caused by AIDS, war, and famine. CFCD Partner provide a vital link between the CFCD Foundation, , within CFCD Training Villages are located. They are able to amplify and extend the impact of the Foundation in Africa through their monetary and material donations, their personnel and expertise, and their prayer support.

Though CFCD is not affiliated with any particular church or denomination, we do collaborate with many churches within the Americas, Europe, Asia (Australia) and Africa in order to accomplish the mission of the CFCD. That partnership may involve:
1. Including CFCD in the church mission budget
2. Adopting one of the ten CFCD Training Villages as a church project
3. Sending short- and long-term missionaries from the church to the adopted CFCD Training Village
4. Supporting CFCD with prayer
5. Conveying the work of CFCD to the church community.

CFCD Partners in Action

Here are some examples of the projects our partners have accomplished on CFCD behalf:
Purchased 500 ESV Bibles for distribution throughout the CFCD Training Villages
Collected art supplies, sports equipment, library books, science equipment, and school supplies
Sent teams of Mini Missionaries to various CFCD Training Villages

For more information, please contact the Foundation This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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