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We are called to love and be united with one another, for inspiration of Gods work through Christian Foundation for Community Development a Charitable project started to help improve the lives of suffering Orphans, Refugees, Widows, Street Children, People with Disabilities, etc.

CFCD as a project could not be able to take up this responsibility without the help of our devoted brothers and sisters in Christ. We thank you all and we always sake for any support to reach out as we help and spread the word to those that are spiritually lost, depressed and have no hope.

We are happy to inform you that through CFCD, we have reached a number of activities....


The need to start CFCD was the result of seeing hardships faced by community members:
These include widows, orphans, refugees and other vulnerable, living a hopeless life leading to error. We saw the need to create an environment able to bring hope to these beloved ones, seeking to make them important and valuable people in the community.

Unemployment, housing issues, illiteracy, lack of skills, individualistic behaviors/living, are major identified problems which are under the program of CFCD for action.


Seeing community members of Bukasa and the neighboring living in a suitable and conductive Godly environment.


To have a sure foundation of community dwellers full of sustainable peace, love and a co-operative spirit.


  • To train leaders who will be in position to help and sustain both today and tomorrow’s generations.
  • To acquire buildings or land to cater for the refugees and to carry on other activities of the organization
  • To help community members acquire knowledge and skills for job creation/employments. Baking, carpentry, poultry keeping, sewing, piggery, soap & candle making etc are model projects of CFCD, seek to implement in the community.
  • To link and partner with other organizations, within and outside the country, to obtain resources, market, knowledge and skills for development purpose.
  • To improve the living standards of community members by acquiring modern knowledge of technology, I.e computer science, adult education, health and children’s education and knowing God.
  • To have a building house hall for training the community members which will be called CEPHAS HIGH COLLEGE.


1. Education

Most especially children of the refugees find it hard to acquire quality education due to daily living conditions, unemployment of the parents. The same challenge affect other community members of similar environments.

2. Depedency

Severe problems faced by refugees cause severe poverty in the community as whole due to insufficient resources within; ounce the community leaders help to find herself trapped into dependency act both the refugees and the community trailed into a houseless vehicle/train.

3. Skills and Linkages

What mostly affects our community is the lacking of skilled people and poor networking to link with other communities/organizations of resources mobilization to ensure effective development.


In conjunction with well wishers i.e Kyoga Primary and Secondary school, CFCD has enabled 10 children to go to school. We are looking for other ways to take others to school.


Under sewing program, we have achieved the following;

  • Four trained adults, these started their own workshops and are earning a living.
  • Three others obtained their certificates in May 2009
  • Three others had just joined the program and are enjoying the training.


The adults are learning and the programs is going on , 14 graduated in May with a Certificate. These are able to read, write and speak English, they can carry out transactions in money banking and withdrawing. We plan to educate them in computer science.


We make our appeal to all well wishers to lender us a hand help to help community members to acquire computer knowledge to enable them complete with the world.


CFCD has managed to link with other organizations i.e Kyoga primary and secondary schools individuals with these the development visible programs has come into existence.

Thank you for taking time to go through our programs

God bless you!


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