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  • Q: What does the GERMINISTRIES UGANDA Foundation do?
  • A:The Foundation helps Africans know God by caring for and educating orphans. We provide materials and training in education and Bible study. We also give widows and impoverished women of the church a means of employment and artistic expression through the making and marketing of their handcrafts such as baskets, jewelry, handbags, and wall hangings.

  • Q: Does GERMINISTRIES UGANDA facilitate the adoption of children?
  • A: No, the GERMINISTRIES UGANDAFoundation is not an adoption agency. Since the goal is to develop these children to be godly contributors to their countries' development, the GERMINISTRIES UGANDA Foundation does not facilitate the adoption of these children out of Africa. Instead, the Foundation will raise and educate the children in their respective cultures so that they are equipped to provide the leadership and skills needed by their countries. However, a donor who is supporting or sponsoring a child has the right to correspond with the child through letters and exchange photos.

  • Q: Is the GERMINISTRIES UGANDA Foundation affiliated with a particular church or denomination?
  • A: GERMINISTRIES UGANDA is not affiliated with any particular church or denomination. However, we do collaborate with many churches within the United States and Africa in order to accomplish the mission of the Foundation. These partnerships may include monetary and material donations, personnel that is sent out as short- or long-term missionaries, and prayer support.

  • Q: How is GERMINISTRIES UGANDA funded?
  • A: The GERMINISTRIES UGANDA Foundation is funded by private donations and contributions. It receives no government support from either International donors including organizations, churches, individuals/volunteers or from any African nations.GERMINISTRIES UGANDA is registered in Uganda as a NON-GOVERNMENT Organization (NGO  Reg:S,591/12274. The main form of support is education through children/orphan sponsorships and other means of literacy. Individuals and groups sponsor a particular child for as little as $25 per month. We estimate, in average, that it takes $150 per month to feed, clothe, house, educate, and provide medical care for each child.

  • Q: Why do you support the orphans and widows in Africa when there is such a great need to help the vulnerable children and impoverished women in the United States?
  • A: While it is true that disease, poverty, and hunger are found within this country, the United States government has a large safety net in place that provides medical care and social services to those in need. African governments do not have these types of support systems. The result is that the African continent hosts the highest child mortality rates, the lowest literacy and numeracy rates, and the lowest life expectancy rates in the world.


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